The WE ARE HERE Maps Archive includes maps from Bill Rankin, Counter Cartography Collective, Nikolas Schiller, Ashley Hunt, Subrosa, Ecotrust Canada, NYC Independent Media Center, Repohistory, Center for Urban Pedagogy, Beehive Design Collective, Lize Mogel and Dario Azzellini, and many more.

The WE ARE HERE Maps Archive was organized and collected by Daniel Tucker.

In recent years, a large number of artists, designers and activists have turned to the map form to help them represent their questions, analysis and proposals for the spatial politics of contemporary life. The maps are often fun, playful, they experiment with form and representation, and they are rigorous forms of research with pedagogical potential. The We Are Here Map Archive is organized to present a wide range of these new critical cartographic experiments. It will introduce diverse audiences to an international spectrum of mapmakers. The maps are broken into three categories that encompass the different tendencies and goals of the maps. Those categories include the mapping of 1) Power and Complexity, 2) Assets and Resources, and 3) Alternative Visions of the Dominant Geography. See the original call for participation here and more info at https://mapsarchive.wordpress.com/

Organizer Bio: Daniel Tucker has worked as a cultural and political organizer initiating a number of large-scale local projects and events dealing with urban space, public policy, and leftist social movement history. His collaborative projects have been exhibited internationally and his writings have appeared in numerous online/print publications and he has lectured widely about the intersections of art and politics. More information can be found through visiting http://miscprojects.com

One Response to “About”

  1. Thérèse Says:

    Hi, I really like your project. Are you still adding maps? In that case I’d love the Stockholm Green Map to be part of your archieve. We’re currently working on an interactive map that will work as a wiki-map, so people directly can put up their personal view of what Stockholm actually is. All the best and good luck!

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